Whelping Kit 1

Comprehensive Whelping Kit £38.00

Boxed Contents:

1 x Sterile Stainless-Steel Scissors – Cutting cord should you need to

10 x Sterile Alcohol Wipes — Clean instruments in-between use. Contains chlorhexcidine which gives added protection killing germs after the alcohol evaporates.

1 x Sterile Stainless-Steel forceps – Clamping of the cord before cutting.  should it be required.

2 x 5g Sterile Lubricating jelly sachets – Help loosen the puppy/kitten when delivering and to lubricating the thermometer during temp checks.

1 x Kidney dish – keeping all instruments together and to hand and/or putting placenta’s in after each puppy

1 x Digital Thermometer and plastic case to keep clean

1 x Sterile Bulb aspirator – Suck out fluid from puppy’s nose and throat.

42 x Tyvek Bands (Paper like Material) – Easily identify puppies and kittens, Width can be cut in half to make two bands for smaller/younger breeds or even joined together for larger/older puppies.

2 x Sterile Syringes (Sizes vary) – Feeding fluids/Milk to mum or puppy/kitten if needed

1 x Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipe (Alcohol Free) Clinell hand wipes can be used effectively on soiled hands to remove dirt as well as sanitising. Wipe Size:  20cm x 20cm

5 x Small white cotton towels for whelping and rubbing up pups

2 x pairs of vinyl gloves (medium)

1 x So you’ve bred your bitch: Now what? book

Whelping Kit 2:

As above plus stuck puppy assistance pack £54

Additional Contents:

  • 1 x Catheter
  • 1 x 60ml Syringe to fit catheter
  • 6 x 5g Lubricant Sachets
  • 1 x Grip Glove
  • 1 x Small Pot
  • 1 x Small white Towel
  • 2 x Absorbent Pads
  • 2 x Pairs of Vitrile Gloves (Large)

Extra 500ml of lubricant £8

Breeder Documentation

Available as a basic (generic) pack or a custom designed pack with logo/images of your choice.

The Basic pack includes PDF’s for you to print and complete:

  • Certificates & Contracts (5 documents)
  • 5 generation Pedigree Form
  • Puppy Pack Documents for your new puppy parents (8 documents)
  • Useful Information (6 documents)
  • Whelping Records (8 documents)
  • plus a useful set of questions that you may get asked by prospective purchasers

The custom pack includes all of the above but in Word Format and with logo/images of your choice added to the Pedigree Certificate and watermarked on all documents.

Basic PDF pack £50 electronically

Custom designed pack £80 electronically