This  is the sterile way to breed your dog, without the stress of natural mating. It is often the more successful form of breeding, without the worry of sexually transmitted diseases.

Artificial Insemination is usually carried out with good quality fresh semen drawn and inserted into the bitch via a catheter immediately after semen is collected from the male. Using this method, the semen is deposited directly in front of the cervix or as close to the cervix as possible.

In some circumstances, a natural mating can be difficult to achieve if the bitch / dog is inexperienced or uncomfortable, they may have trouble mating even if physiologically the bitch is ready to mate.

Benefits include:

  • Collecting from a male dog while in close proximity to a bitch in season can develop confidence in him for the future.
  • Viral and bacterial infections can be passed on during natural mating the most commonly feared amongst breeders is Canine Herpes virus.
  • Pain experienced by one or both of the animals during mating, narrowing of the genital tract leading to lack of libido.
  • Dominant females may not accept a particular male and for reasons unknown, some dogs just don’t like each other.
  • Difference in dog size and inexperience in one or both partners can make a positive union impossible.
  • Older dogs who are still fertile with less agility will use less exertion with this method and therefore can be part of a breeding programme for longer.
  • Semen can be analysed prior to use to ensure it is of suitable quality to maximise a pregnancy and number of pups.

About collection – It is important to use the minimum amount of quality semen so as to not overload the bitch’s reproductive tract. Using too much will result in backflow and not all the semen will end up utilised. We use a 3 fraction collection process to ensure that only the quality and concentrated faction of the sample is used which will not over load the bitch and therefore more of the good stuff gets where it need to go!

Prices: AI carried out at our premises £60 with semen collection & analysis or £40 AI only semen supplied ready to use.  (Semen Analysis available for £20)

Mobile AI is charged  at £65 with semen collection (no analysis) or £50 AI only semen supplied ready to inseminate

plus £5 per 20 mins of travel time, each way, rounded up as per the AA Route Planner site

Please note if collection is attempted and unsuccessful for any reason, including, but not limited too, aggression, unwilling/inexperienced male, or presence of infection,  there will be a charge of £20 levied for the attempted collection. We will not rush any male and allow an hour for each AI appointment that includes collection, but we will not collect from a dog that shows aggression towards our staff regardless.