This is a method to find out the best time to mate your bitch. This involves us taking swabs from your female dog which are examined under a microscope to test for the four stages of the oestrous (reproductive) cycle. Canine cytology is a budget alternative to progesterone testing and does not require a blood sample to be taken.

Dog breeding doesn’t have to be haphazard or left to chance. We can give you and your dogs the best possible chance of success.

How does it work?

Cytology detects a decline in superficial cells approximately 48 hours before ovulation. There is a decline in oestrogen which among other events triggers ovulation. The vaginal epithelium (lining) is oestrogen dependant and cells change to angular, clumped anuclear cells when this oestrogen decline occurs. It is this cell change that guides cytology advice for optimum mating dates.

Price first test £20, £10 each for repeat test on the same bitch                                                             or a block of 5 tests on the same bitch for £50 (saving £10)

MOBILE £25 per slide plus mileage.