Most groomers will not groom a pregnant dog for a variety of reasons. The Puppy Midwife is happy to offer a pre-whelp sanitary groom for longhaired breeds.

Shortening the fur around the ‘trousers’ and along the nipple line will make for an easier whelp. The vulva will be easier to see and it will allow pups to get to feed without becoming entangled in mum’s fur. There’s nothing quite like a hungry puppy squealing because its stuck in mum’s fur.

Sanitary grooms are dry grooms only, we do not bath your dog, or apply any perfumes or soaps. We do not shave to the skin (unless requested to), but ensure a nice even groom using clippers and hand scissoring leaving a nice balanced look which is easy to care for during the whelp and after.

Prices: Small breeds £20, Medium breeds £30, Large breeds £35