We provide a dog semen analysis service as a stand-alone or prior to AI, to assess your stud dog’s fertility. As part of our canine sperm analysis procedure, we evaluate canine sperm count, motility and morphology, amongst other factors.

Canine Sperm Analysis

If you’re paying costly stud fees, you want to be sure that your stud dog’s sperm is the healthiest it can be to ensure a successful pregnancy. A sperm count in the region of 150-500 million sperm per millimetre is the optimal range for successful breeding and we would expect a good semen sample to have less than 10% abnormal sperm with at least 70% forward motility.

As part of our male dog fertility testing, we assess the following factors seen visually under the microscope:

  • Visual examination to check colour and volume
  • A measure of how well sperm are moving (motility)
  •  And in what direction they are moving (forward motility)
  • Evaluation of the structure of individual sperm (morphology)
  • Presence of other cells such as bacteria and blood cells

By 12 months of age most dogs are sexually mature and should provide a good sample.  Semen quality can decrease after five years of age.  However, many older dogs are quite capable of producing a litter of puppies and some may have semen of good enough quality to use.

Please remember that each analysis is representative of the sample obtained on the day and not valid beyond this. Collecting sperm for analysis is completely subjective on how a male reacts to surroundings, willingness to perform, willingness to be handled and sexual arousal and of course his general health therefore conclusion can be made on the day of a collection as to whether the semen is viable for immediate use. Having the in season bitch side by side to the male often helps the process and results of collection.

Prices:  Analysis £20 Owner provides the sample for testing if not booked as part of an AI.